ShareNote release notes
ShareNote release notes

New ShareNote Support Center Live

In an effort to continually improve our support and training offerings, we have gone live with a brand new support center.

Accessing Support

When you log in to ShareNote, you will now see a new HELP button on the bottom right-hand side of each screen inside of ShareNote. Clicking this will open up a support widget that will provide you with the following options:

  • Support Center
  • Create A Ticket
  • Live Chat (During normal support hours)

Support Center

We have added a powerfully accurate search to our FAQ and help articles. Clicking the HELP button will provide you access to search for articles in our Support Center that pertain to what you're seeking information about. All you have to do to search for information on how to add clients is to type "Add Client" in the search box that shows after opening up the HELP widget.

If the information you're seeking is not found, you can create a help desk ticket or start a live chat by clicking the CONTACT US button found at the bottom of the widget.

Create A Ticket

Creating a Help Desk ticket will now fire off a confirmation email to you and it will also alert our support staff. Once we have replied to your ticket, you will receive an email with the support reply.

Please note: ALL ticket correspondence will now take place through email (not the ShareNote Message Center) without having to access the Help Desk which was previously required.

Live Chat

This feature will be familiar if you've used the previous ShareNote chat. You will see the chat as an available option during normal support hours which are the same as before.

Items of Note

  • HELP DESK links in ShareNote have been renamed SUPPORT CENTER and will now take you to the new Support Center.
  • The additional options under the SUPPORT CENTER tab under MAIN in the main ShareNote menu have been removed. Clicking SUPPORT CENTER here will now take you to the new Support Center.
  • We will move over the handful of support tickets that we do have open over to the new help desk shortly.

We are excited about this upgrade. We know that once it becomes familiar, you will find that you and your staff will be much more empowered in getting any and all help you need. We look forward to serving you!

Thank you for using ShareNote!